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Natural elements such as water or light always interact with the work. It serves as inspiration but also as a material to integrate in the design process. An endless source in which JO studio sees a lot of potential to work with.

Shifting Ground

Shifting Grounds


The sea level serves as a dividing line between air and water. An imaginary border that is more than just a natural phenomenon. Affected by light, the sea shows us an infinity of colors and shapes that never seems the same.


In this work, JO studio presents an abstract translation of their view on water. With the focus point on the dynamic aesthetics it shows them. An interplay between material and sunlight that changes during the day. The work is completely analogue without the use of any artificial light, the rise and fall of sunlight determines the appearance of the work 


On show at Kazerne from Dutch Design Week till the mid April. Paradijslaan 2-8, Eindhoven.

Shifting Grounds / acrylic / 230 x 40 x 40 cm

Shifting grounds at Kazerne - JO studio 2.jpg
ALU medi

ALU medi

The ALU project started from a research into the extensibility of aluminum, which resulted in a series of objects. The material offers the possibility to create new shapes from the flat sheet material.

ALU is now realized in two different sizes, each with their

own quality. ALU medi shows us the tight contrast between deformed and straight material

ALU medi / aluminium / 30 x 22 x 5 cm

ALU medi / aluminium / 30 x 22 x 5 cm

JO studio ALU - 15.jpg
JO studio ALU - 11.jpg
ALU mini
JO studio ALU - 19.jpg

ALU mini

The objects give us a constantly changing appearance, an interplay between light, form and reflection with the influence of day and night.


ALU mini flows into one as a fluid whole. The two designs show the different results of the research.

ALU mini / aluminium / 16 x 11 x 5 cm / also available for wall hanging

JO studio ALU - 01.jpg
JO studio ALU - 13.jpg
JO studio ALU - 17.jpg


From a clear blue sky to threatening grey clouds and from morning red to orange dusk, these conditions affect the surface of water. This makes the water an infinite generator of colors.


This research is about how the water surface shifts colors by adjusting the environment. By working with light and reflection, the natural effect of the changing water surface appears.

The research has resulted in an installation that allows you to immerse yourself in the ever-changing colors of the sea. By changing the environment, we change the surface color, but the water is always the same.

Research / water / 15 x 15 x 5 cm 

Final / water / glas / 60 x 60 x 60 cm 



Light is all around us with the arrival of the day. It appears and disappears as she pleases. Sometimes noticeably present through shadow play or reflections, but not always visible.


This research is about how to make light visible in material. I translated this effect into a large-scale design. An object that is not always ‘on’ but requires more time to be experienced. The presence or absence of the light determines the experience of that moment. When the sun hits the material, a new depth is created in the meeting of light and matter. The light merges within the object. 


A contradiction between immaterial and material, that in reality can only exist with a collaboration.

Research / resin / 5 x 5 x 5 cm / 2,5 x 2,5 x 2,5 cm


Final / resin / 200 x 8 x 8 cm

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